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US soccer: Will Americans ever care about football? – BBC News

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The men's team didn't even qualify for the World Cup. But there's still some hope for the sport…
Reporter: Marianna Brady

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  1. Most of the world calls a sport one thing. Americas respons – Create a different sport, call it the same name and insist that is the correct name and that the rest of the world is wrong.

    • Say No To Peni Parker #2099

      That’s sad

    • Y’all forget that Football and Basketball aren’t just based off European games. But also African and Native traditions. Y’all eurocentric as all hell. There’s more to the world than white Americans and Europeans.

    • Kermit Big booty

      So we’re just going to call out America and not Canada?

    • Ben Baxter


  2. Joe Platt

    Obviously the budget was low when you had to buy a 2 for £5 Sondico ball from Sports Direct

  3. Raging Gamer

    Soccer is love, especially in Europe

    Plus mls is growing a lot with fans in america

    • Clorox Bleach

      Raging Gamer its called football not soccer

    • C.T.R. Lee

      The term is NOT a crass Americanism. It is originated from England (you know, the birthplace of football) as a shorthand of “ASSOCtiation football”, as opposed to Rugby (league/union)’s “RUGger”. By the way, American Football is actually an offshoot of rugby league.

    • thats why you arrived late at work,money meal.

    • Müptezel Komedyen

      Do you know the meaning of FIFA?

    • Im A Fanboy

      No one likes soccer here, only Mexicans and central Americans immigrants

  4. lolipedofin

    With enough brain damage, eventually American should turn their sight to the proper football. Give it time.

  5. Ernest Bigot

    Of course we care about soccer. If it wasn’t for soccer our girls and teen boys who are questioning their sexuality would have no sports of their own.

    • JK Wright Commander

      Barra ss No it’s not that probably the reason why Europens like it so much

    • Skeleton Crew

      +André Botechia Anderi the call it football because the ball is a foot long

  6. Panji Arasma

    american football, 99% use hand. 1% use foot.

    • Google Earth

      +Behizy Well, is it?
      It shows how ignorant people can be, if you have no knowledge on the sport then don’t partake in arguments about 2 sports, one sport that you know of and one that you have barely heard of.

    • Google Earth

      +Panji Arasma kickball? could say the same thing with soccer/football, I could even call it global. Do research and know the sport before judging them, I’m European and have played both sports and know everything about both of them, I prefer American football.

    • Rafael Nehemiah

      +Google Earth Then Separating the words would suffice (ie. Foot Ball) that would be more understandable than combining the words (Football) which clearly means something different far from a ball being one foot long.

  7. Raptor Simpson

    Soccer is cool, but football is better 🦅🏈🇺🇸😚

  8. Charlie Uniform

    American football is boring. Play for 30 seconds. Stand around for 10 minutes. Play 15 second. Stand around for 5 minutes. It’s not high scoring either, the numbers are high because a touchdown is 7 points.

    • Google Earth

      And in football you watch 90+ games with 0 goals? say what?

    • Sireno Rey

      Google Earth
      Okay, then you must really like ping pong or tennis since they “score” all the time…..
      you actually can enjoy watching a sport without scoring all the time. But you need to be capable of paying attention to the actual sport and understand the game. However I do understand that for some folks kiss cam is more interesting than sport… 😉

    • Carter Amland

      Soccer helps me when im having trouble falling asleep

    • Horlufemi Ogunnaike

      It requires no skill. Just be huge and massive. That is all

    • Sireno Rey

      Carter Amland
      I am sure thr billions watching soccer are watching it purely to fall asleep. Unlike the few millions watching the exciting commercials and kiss cams, ah no sorry it is called american football.

  9. Northern Thai Garden Guy

    The only way the US is ever going to create quality players is to change its model. There is no Premier league in the US (where if a team is crap, they get relegated, like they do in Europe). It’s nothing but closed leagues, and quality will not come from the likes of that model. Unbelievable but true – which is why a Country as tiny as Iceland is headed for Russian this summer while our men’s national team is no where to be found.

    • Northern Thai Garden Guy I would like to see Football popularity grow (especially women’s football) and dethrone American football. Who cares if it devastated the advertising industry?? Right

    • Pete G

      “Soccer’s low popularity here and competing sports is one of the main problems. Creating phenoms is a numbers and culture game” Bingo. The lack of popularity results in the lack of quality. Not the reverse, as some dummies here are trying to argue.

    • Prince White Charming

      Pulisic was developed in Europe not the USA. US is not good at soccer because their development sucks and their understanding of the game is terrible.

    • Pat Jenkins

      Prince White Charming we can live that. We understand baseball , football , basketball , hockey , boxing etc. Let the rest of the world ” understand” England’s game because they cant create their own games.

    • Steven Seelig

      heywood1980 how many american soccer players do you see playing in Spain, England, Germany and France

  10. FRISHR

    Football and Handegg

  11. Diego Ayala

    Ten Biggest sports in the USA

    1. American Football
    2. American Football
    3. American Football
    4. American Football
    5. American Football
    6. American Football
    7. American Football
    8. American Football
    9. American Football
    10. Basketball

  12. IBradFrazer

    Didn’t America goes crazy for the world cup a few years back? America did very well and all of a sudden the fans woke up and started going mental for British Football, but when they got knocked out, the fans mysteriously disappeared lol.

    • Caleb Ware

      IBradFrazer because no one likes losers pathetic teams European football isn’t for America

  13. Rust on

    Well you get to host the world cup so this is gonna be tragic…

    • Theo Buniel

      …..Alongside Canada, and more importantly Mexico, who is an (association) football nation.

    • Skeleton Crew

      +Theo Buniel what does that mean most importantly

  14. 人情味儿没有

    I came from China, so loved playing and watching soccer. But once I got hooked on American football, I honestly think soccer is boring as hell as a spectator sports, with the exception of the world cup, which I still enjoy watchin because the stakes are high and the players’ skills are top notch.

    • What are you on about

    • VMan29397

      +juste kevin not really you dont stand for 5 minutes i have timed it not including time outs or commercials its about 15-20 seconds before they snap the ball

    • VMan29397

      +juste kevin their is 60 minutes of action cause the little thing in the corner called the play clock has to run down to 0 for the game to be over

  15. Tom Swift

    3:00 My new favourite sport right there…

  16. Dean Robinson

    Actually the majority of America couldn’t give two shits about the Queen of England

    • Leo Ellen

      As well as the majority of brits (although we don’t disrespect our monarchy) P.S why did you need to say actually in the start of the sentence?? Who said that Americans like the Queen of England

    • reubz1123

      Was this meant to piss us off? 😂 Literally no in the UK cares much either we keep our monarchy just for monarchy.

    • Americans care more about the royal family than we do

    • Lucas Orty

      We use “america” to refeer to “USA” because the name is united states of AMERICA. Dumbass

    • Lucas Fortuna Prado

      I Prefer Watch a League Two Game then Watch This Thing

  17. King Kong

    Soccer is considered a Lady’s sport in the U.S. Or a sport for girly boys. It will never catch on in the mainstream.

  18. vawa-ID

    3:00 is that a video game logic? Men get full body armor, and women, well…..

    • Leo Ellen

      vawa-ID and men and women in England that play rugby (England being the place that also invented rugby, the thing that the americans preferred to adopt and chang into american football which itself should be called american rugby) wear nothing

    • Leo Ellen

      That kinda makes the women look more tuff

    • Blue Cucumber

      Lmao no they don’t get full armor they get shoulder pads and some pads on their legs down to their knees

    • Ben Baxter


  19. Clifton Fameree

    Futball overtaking Football in the U.S? Never.

    • Clifton Fameree

      +Carter Roane Interesting. That isn’t the case in Wisconsin.

    • Carter Roane

      +Clifton Fameree Its definetly the case in the rest of the country though. Like here in NC baseball is the most popular sport so the drop in support for local NFL team isn’t that suprising.

    • Clifton Fameree

      +Carter Roane Interesting. Do you think there would be more interest in football if there was a local team?

    • Clifton Fameree

      +Leo Ellen True in regards to the spelling – would have called it Soccer, but people seem to dislike that. Can’t call football American rugby due to it not being its technical name.

    • Darrell Patts

      Cleveland Steamer stop calling it hand egg that’s a derogatory term Europeans used to make fun of the sport. Call itfootball no matter how much Europeans whine and complain.

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