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Southampton v. Man United | PREMIER LEAGUE MATCH HIGHLIGHTS | 12/01/18 | NBC Sports

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Man United came back from two goals down in the first half to draw Southampton 2-2 at St. Mary’s Stadium. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #ManUnited #Southampton
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Southampton v. Man United | PREMIER LEAGUE MATCH HIGHLIGHTS | 12/01/18 | NBC Sports

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  1. jaiden conrad

    Mourinhio out

  2. Why is mata in the thumbnail?? Pretty sure he didn’t play..

  3. Yuhao Dong

    2:22 Pogba…XDD

  4. GunnerSol

    @0:39 what a sad bunch, they have started entertaining us by their comedy since they can’t win games lmao

    • Riper DT

      What comedy you talking about? That guy is there in case the wall jump up but the one who kick try trick them and kick the ball low.

    • Chris Han

      It’s ok that your man united aren’t doing so well, at least you have the champions league to look forward to

    • Y2J Fanboy

      Riper DT why put one of your tallest players there then

  5. İskender

    Jesus Pogba, it’s a 3 meter pass

  6. jetblade 999

    I wonder how Man u fans are feeling right now

  7. Jonathan Cheng

    Jingle bells, taking Ls,
    United fail all day,
    Jingle bells, Fellaini smells
    Mourinho’s gonna pay

    • Gooner16

      aeem1 1 Are you 12? You’ve won nothing of relevance in years and your team is absolutely dead. Winning the FA Cup and knocking out teams like Utd, Tottenham, Chelsea and City is an accomplishment for any football club. It’s a trophy and the second biggest in the country other than the league title.

    • +Gooner16 I’m done arguing with you little kiddo man utd > arsenal Tottenham man city liverpool chelsea

    • Gooner16

      aeem1 1 There’s no argument. You’re clearly clueless. Good luck in the relegation battle 👍

    • TheTigerGamez

      haha as if man u has ambition. United are in 7th lol, I hate arsenal as well but at least they have a good squad that tries to win unlike pogba, mourinho, and the rest of the garbage team that plays at old toilet

    • kingetnik

      Jonathan Cheng 😂😂

  8. Xasan Kafi


  9. Travie Carlisle

    Armstrong? Don’t u mean leg strong… Haha

  10. manLIKE drogba

    How is Jose still at man united..every match is a struggle no matter the opponent.

  11. Cin Khai

    I’m just amazed just how Mourinho’s not sacked yet, United has been declining ever since he took charge and he is still there slowly degrading United

    • Chris Han

      It’s all a plan Man U’s board of directors wants to focus on the EFL Championship and not have to worry about any premier league teams every week

    • John Paul

      I dont agree with you United has been on decline since SAF left whom do you want back..?Moyes or Van gaal..?

    • CHAOTIC426

      I’ll take either at this point. Neither of them was a locker room cancer like Mourinho is. He’s gonna end up doing more harm then good by the time he’s done. Something he’s known for. And considering all the talent Mou has on this team, we shouldn’t be struggling. I’d argue he’s worse than Moyes right now.

    • Bhlack Bishop

      +CHAOTIC426 oh no. nothing can be worse than Moyes 😄

    • CHAOTIC426

      based on current events, I’d say it’s at least arguable xD

  12. mp_Daggar

    Only person that can save Man Utd is Rebecca Lowe

  13. Emmanuel Oppong

    When two sh** teams plays this is what you get.

  14. Carlo M12

    16 point gap, gonna be 19 next week. its gonna be mathematically impossible to win the league in March, and then top 4 in April. Mourinho did promise top 4 by Christmas, we will see!

    • peiyuan zhang

      Carlo M12 Looking back at Fellaini’s last sec goal, it pretty much ended Man Utd’s chance to play Champions league next season. I guess that’s why Jose was so mad.

  15. Shawn Kristoferu

    Jose is setting up MU deliberately for failure so he gets sacked, collects his pay offs, & goes somewhere else.

    Against MC away they played 4-3-3, ditto against Juventus away, yet against miserable Southampton away he plays a defensively 5-3-2 with two midfielders in central defense. Even his midfield had two defensive midfielders.

    He should be sacked soon as possible otherwise it will get worse. Jose is a megalomaniac. Since they did not allow him to buy whoever he wants he is trying to get revenge on Woodward & Glazers.

    All his talk & kicking bottles are a premeditated act.

  16. Londzale

    Another Draw for United LmFao this team is cursed for sure!

  17. Alan Castillo

    Manchester United made Southampton look like Barca with that first goal

  18. Cisco The Red Gamer

    If Mourinho stays all our player will be converted Center Backs in the next FIFA.

  19. michael reader

    Mourinho doesn’t deserve Rashford

  20. Ikenna Iteogu Music

    Mourinho must be sacked, man united are a disgrace to watch. Lukaku, Pogba and Sanchez are not united type players and need to be sold. replaced

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