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Ronaldo, Neymar and the most expensive soccer transfers ever | ESPN

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Juventus is dishing out hundreds of millions for Cristiano Ronaldo, but that doesn't compare to PSG's price for Neymar Jr. From Willie Groves to Zinedine Zidane to Gareth Bale and beyond, Max Bretos traces how soccer transfers got so expensive.

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  1. 123GGGemmett

    Coutinho wasn’t £105M.

    • Hala Juventus Y nada mas

      123GGGemmett ik he was like 140 mil

    • luis montenegro

      yes it was, the rest of the money is on variables depending on how coutinho performs but the transfer fee is correct

    • Lol Rofl

      its £140 million

    • B. Nainggolan Channel

      It’s his payment fee. The rest is bonus if he performs well that sums up to £140m

  2. David D ELI

    It’s just a matter of time before Real madrid gets mbappe and we all know they will

    • Bill Kat

      Players were fans of Real Madrid when they were kids cuz the best players in world have been playing for them since early 2000s. That’s not the case anymore. With Ronaldo and Zidane gone, RM is no longer the leading football club. Mbappe being French will prefer to stay in PSG which is guaranteed to win French league and contenter for UCL. Real Madrid has nothing over PSG this season. They already have a player better than any Madrid player.

    • Bill Kat

      Neymar left Barcelona because he wanted to be the star instead of living under the shadow of Messi. The transfer fees has nothing to do with players. It goes to the club.

    • Robert Garcia

      Real madrid can not afford him sorry🤷‍♂️ this would have probably only been possible when ronaldo was there but not now

    • Daniel X

      Delboy0 why would Mbappe downgrade

    • Daniel X

      Bill Kat really who is that player and are u okay

  3. Kevin Styles

    *If PSG knew that Ronaldo would be available then they would have bought him at any price, even $500 million. Arabs love Ronaldo like crazy.*

    • Ronaldo Si

      PenaldoThePoorMansGaryLineker I bet your life I so awesome mate 🙂

    • Gordianus

      According to Spanish media there was a clause between cr7 and real Madrid that he couldn’t sign for psg or an English team and that makes sense due to the value of the sale. Madrid wanted him to go to china they were willing to pay more and offered double the wage of juventos to Ronaldo but the man is a competitive animal and wants more champions leagues.

    • smwavnxc

      Kevin Styles $500 million. Funny. What an idiot

    • supsolekw the master

      Viral Videos Ik neymars last game for Barca like ronaldo trying to score than neymar headers it

  4. sudeep gautam

    it’s football not soccer


      sudeep gautam Soccer and Football. 😊

    • Franz Styles

      sudeep gautam
      Dude, the term “soccer” was coined & used by British first, u know those dudes who invented the game.
      It was over the time they stopped using it & Americans did.
      It still known as acronym for footy.
      It’s not just America in a lot of other countries it is called soccer.

    • sudeep gautam

      as i said before it’s football bruh, leave it or take it

    • Psycho Mantis

      sudeep gautam T R I G G E R E D

  5. You are inconsistent, using initial fees and eventual transfer values when it suits you.

    • DigitallyVeiled

      didn’t even adjust for inflation

    • Jazib Shamsi

      They are going in order of historical accuracy so generally the figures would be in a certain range .

  6. thee_werner_alexander

    Ronaldo not at his best? Pretty sure he has won the last 2 Ballon D’Ors and will make it 3 this December!

    • Ronaldosaurus

      thee_werner_alexander if you think he’s at his best you’re wrong

    • stats34 ñ

      modric or mbappe or griezmann will win it

    • thee_werner_alexander

      Martha Elizabeth Parra Mbappe 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    • Fox Alex

      Ronaldosaurus Ronaldo is better than Messi or Neymar it’s a fact

    • Kian Turner

      Martha Elizabeth Parra varane is more likely to win it than those guys lmao

  7. william peat

    Liverpool Own the most expensive Defender and most expensive Goalkeeper in world football. Van Dijk at £75M and Alisson Becker at £67M

    • daniel figueroa

      william peat okay, maybe Liverpool is not as stupid as Chelsea – breaking the record fee for a goalie, that barely has a year under his sleeve??!? And like I said! Madrid aren’t stupid – $35 million for Courtois- exactly what I was preaching to you

    • william peat

      daniel figueroa I guess. Courtois for £35M is an absolute bargain it’s a great buy. However, Madrid were his preference so I’m not sure any team would have been able to pull that off

    • william peat
      Alisson is no longer the most expensive goalkeeper… This didn’t even lasted.
      Also, It has nothing to do with Neymar… It’s just inflation 50m in 2018 don’t even came close to 20m in 1990’s.

    • smwavnxc

      william peat Yeah now Courtois for £71 m.

    • william peat

      smwavnxc Actually it’s Kepa, not Courtois

  8. Manish CR7

    Neymar not worth it

  9. Naymer is not worth all that $$$$

    • Francisco Martinez

      Teesin Watts yeah but he can still prove that wrong( I dont think I need to go in detail how)

  10. Neymar too hyped.. never at the ​same level as Cristiano or Messi

  11. Hector Tapia

    Why the disrespect to cr7? At 33 his doing things better than Messi and Neymar. The only player that could dethrone Ronaldo would be mbappe

    • rakshit kapoor

      Zed scorer sorry man your mistaken

    • rakshit kapoor

      Bill Kat ronaldo ha already sold his cr7 shirt and made 50 million already plus he is a star and will bring spotlight on juv

    • smwavnxc

      Hector Tapia Boy another idiot trolling around. Im sick of these Ronaldo boys.

    • Dipshan Khadka

      Messi is 31 and still better

  12. FlaccidErection

    and none of them can outscore the 33 year old man or match any of his records

    • Kriimson

      well i know salah broke ronaldo PL record on his first year soooo but hes not on the list but still salah can contest with him

  13. Mr. J Random

    That Dembele transfer looks worse with each passing day…smh 🤦🏿‍♂️
    Boy is a bonnafied bust.

  14. Kamar Boat

    Neymar is over paid and horrible actor

  15. Marco M

    Neymar is the most over rated player in the world of all time of any sport.

  16. Samson Manase

    Bale was never worth 100 mill, let’s call it what it is. 50mill at best. Good business from Hotspur

    • Ronaldosaurus

      Samson Manase after the season he had, he for sure was

    • Nicklaus Tan

      Ronaldosaurus it will depend on how he performs without ronaldo, if he can lead the team

    • Samson Manase call me when Neymar worth half of the amount PSG paid for him… I’ll lie down and wait.

  17. AbsoluteXXIV

    But out of this vid only like 5 are actually worth the price…..

    1.Brazillian Ronaldo
    4.Cristiano Ronaldo

    The rest were overpriced & never showed their money’s worth.

  18. DragonRoman

    Pogba worth Max 60Million , ManU CEO . was def and dum i believe .

  19. Igehay Nation

    Kylian Mbappe will definitely break the transfer record, Real Madrid will go all out to sign him when he’s 23

  20. Mbappe will break it when he move to Madrid in 3 years

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