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Origi scores unbelievable winner in derby against Everton | Premier League | NBC Sports

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After Virgil van Dijk mishits a shot, the ball bounces off Jordan Pickford's hands and the crossbar, then drops to Divock Origi who scores to give Liverpool 1-0 lead in stoppage time. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #Liverpool #Everton
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Origi scores unbelievable winner in derby against Everton | Premier League | NBC Sports

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  1. Chirs Kim

    Puskas award. I don’t think there will be a better goal this season.


    wtf was the goalie doing

    • SuperMAN Prime

      Kendrick Mott He had plenty of time to tip it over. Which is what anyone else would have done. Instead he knocks it back into play

    • Kendrick Mott

      +SuperMAN Prime if he had tipped it over, everyone would’ve yelled at him for conceding a corner. Instead of doing that, he does what any other keeper would do, which was trying to catch the ball.

    • I think he misjudged where the bar was, he tried tipping it but looks like he almost hits the bar going to tip the ball hahaha

    • I expected him to tip it over. If youre a keeper and youre unsure, always play it safe. The keeper is the last defender. Its unacceptable to allow a goal like that. It goes down as a keeper mistake.

    • Kendrick Mott

      +Ryan M. my point is that Pickford would’ve been blamed either way. It was a lose-lose situation for Pickford.

  3. Dude, the Arab commentators on the illegal uploads were going nuts.

  4. YoogiNation

    Bruh just tap the ball out. Tf were u thinking lmao

    • Willem van Panhuys

      Everybody would have yelled at him for giving away a corner, he did what most people would have done, planning on catching the ball and side volleying w counter attack…

    • He pulled a karius

    • Kendrick Mott

      +Willem van Panhuys finally, someone with an actual brain. IDK why everyone is yelling at Pickford. He didn’t have time to think about the ball going in or not

    • YoogiNation

      +Willem van Panhuys he did a poor job at catching the ball then. I see goalies tap these kinda of awkward looking balls out all the time. Better safe than sorry.

  5. John Vee

    Van Dijk turning around disappointed after kicking the ball 😂😂😂

    • BiggieTrismegistus

      I saw Van Dijk’s kick and reaction and actually turned off the TV in disappointment as the ball was in the air. I got quite the shock when I went online to read about the game later.😆

    • joe kariba

      +BiggieTrismegistus LMAO why get mad over a tie

    • Mimic Ten

      joe kariba because it’s an important game Liverpool need to win all their games if they want to be in the title race with city

    • DMBtwostep3

      Not even Messi can give that kind of assist!

    • The Truth

      +DMBtwostep3 LMBO!

  6. Andrei Petre

    We are on Pace for about 97 points this season and it might still not be enough. Who knows how important these points may be come the end of the season. YNWA.

  7. footy banter

    Origi for Balon d’or

  8. Alex Rodriguez

    The only goal which will take the spotlight off Rebecca Lowe😂😂😬

  9. Rufus Jefferson

    add this to the fifa in real life compilation

  10. Nappyheaded Marc

    I’m a man united fan and this made me smile for some reason 😂👎🏾

    • Ostrich_king 8341

      Nappyheaded Marc Probably because they’re ahead of you in the table lol 😂😂😂😂

    • Nappyheaded Marc

      Ostrich_king 8341 😭😭🤦🏾‍♂️

    • BigBucketsMax

      Nappyheaded Marc surpised your not mad at klopp

    • Javier Canizal

      +Nappyheaded Marc looking at the standings, i say thats all you can do at this point. You aint what you used to be, drift to the mid table and slowly to the dark abyss.

  11. Ya Wan Shum

    he deserves to start next game after this hahaha seriously!

  12. George Michael

    I haven’t stopped watching this for the last hour.

  13. Jr Morales

    Wow, what an unbeliev- HI IM REBECCA LOWE!

  14. Norman Fernèe

    Puskas award for the most bizarre goal ever

  15. Floatzel 10

    VVD shot was me taking a test that I don’t even know nothing of. The goal was me somehow passing the test

  16. Hugo Juarez

    This is one of the craziest winning goals I’ve seen in EPL.

  17. mustafa Alshaibi

    I was watching it live
    Like if you were👍

  18. Turk Kan

    👍🏼 Liverpool is going to be the Champion this season!!!

  19. Tummy Ogy

    the golliee didn’t have to touch the ball

  20. Sam Bisqit

    Imagine if the ref blew the whistle after Van Dijk skied it.

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