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Irish Soccer Team Apologized for Lying to Avoid Match ft. Steebee Weebee & David So

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An Irish soccer team apologized for faking a player's death to get out of playing a match

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Steve Lee a.k.a Steebee Weebee
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David So
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• Hosted by Tiffany Del Real
• Commentary by: Steebee Weebee, David So, Joe Jo, Bart Kwan, Geo Antoinette
• Edited by Ryan Hawgawa:

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  1. Aihcsalohcin

    Tiff getting dem tiddies.


      An Cermet Mourey she had said she uses the bombshell bra from Victoria’s Secret which adds two cup sizes in a video somewhere

    • Sabvachi Leng

      Tiff already been getting dem toddies tho

    • mamragbe diaby

      Tobi Ologbenla if you change birth control your boobs could grow because of change of hormones or added hormones. Your boobs continue to grow throughout your life

    • Whilst I agree her talking about her chest is unneeded I must admit I’d wondered. Padded push up bras, especially the Wonderbra which someone mentioned, is effectively 2 gel filled balloons but whilst it adds huge volume it pulls it all up towards the neck and looks unnaturally rounded from the rib area. Her chest has a natural droop (not saggy!) form, which id guess is a result of having great bras combined with her new sponsors showing her how to encompass it all for the look she wants, for her esteem (again, as someone said considering her female companions) and not for our judgment 💁‍♀️

    • Lando_Lopez 106

      Sommer Blume To address something obviously fans are conflicted about… Geo didn’t seem to care and told us sooner than later. Not forcing her just kinda messed up she thinks we’re idiots and wouldn’t notice lol.

  2. Ronin Blitz

    is it just me or is bart a lot skinnier?

  3. The CinnaMan

    Every time Steebee is on I can’t stop looking at Tiff’s face for a sign that he *laid another silent deadly one* lmao

  4. Howard James

    Geo had an excuse for everything except about Briggy

  5. Shaila Scott

    One time my mom came in my room and asked if I was going to class and I said “No I’m cold I wanna stay in bed” . The next week my teacher asked where I wad the previous week and I straight up just went “It was cold in my room, so I stayed in bed under the blanket.” No lie needed. The truth’ll set you free 😂

  6. 7:30 They did David…. on Boondocks 🤣🤣

  7. WheresMyCurryAt

    They dont say bruv in ireland????????

  8. kwon lok

    I feel bad for the editor i can only imagine how late the editor is up to

  9. Leidy Huaynate-Orihuela

    “It’s never a lie, it’s my truth against yours.”
    Joe is too philosophical 😂

  10. Duffington

    Irish people don’t say Bruv, it’s more of an English thing

    • ṳẒḶḀḊ ṏṆ ḭṆṠṮḀḠṙḀṁ

      +TheProglitching Mo bhotún 🙂

    • daniel king

      +Wiilka Qarniga Celtic is a Scottish football teams name.

    • Blue 6899

      +daniel king Celtic F.C. (Pronounced “Seltic”) is a Scottish Football team. Celtic (Pronounced “Keltic”) is a term to refer to the celts and their languages and culture, Ireland, Scotland and wales are celtic countries.

    • daniel king

      +Blue 6899 I am aware. He asked if the football team was named Celtic in the video.

    • Blue 6899

      +daniel king ah, right. your original comment came across wrong.

  11. BIG MAHC

    Does league mean something different in the U.S.? Cos Bart seems to think it means amateur.

  12. My dad died today of liver failure. He was alcoholic for about 9 years. But those other 7 years will probaly the best years of my life. He did everything that was asked of him and more. Hopefully he’s going to where he wanted to be. I dont even know what to do dude.

    • sarfaraz rahman

      Sorry for your loss. He’s in a good place, In my view you should pray for him. Don’t drink excessively and realise even when your father was diagnosed, he gave his full effort into recovering for 7 years!! Don’t give up on anything in life, try your best. Stay away from excessive drinking.

    • +sarfaraz rahman Thank you for your kind words.

    • marlonc56

      +Jay F lmao wth dude

    • Orchid Blossom

      I hope you feel better! Lots of love 😢

  13. METalGod66

    Irish people don’t even say bruv

  14. john smith

    I know she didn’t just try to say Leinster as layster

    • MsAsh3070

      As someone who doesn’t follow football and therefore hadn’t heard this story, I was genuinely trying to figure out what she had said. It was only when I saw that the opposing team was from Tallaght that it clicked for me XD

  15. Ellen Arnold

    I’m from Ireland and we don’t really say bruv we’d say something more like chap or mate

    • Blue 6899

      +clodagh dunne yes they do, well i don’t hear “chap” as much anymore, but everyone says mate or Lad.

    • clodagh dunne

      +Blue 6899 yeah people say lad all the time but i don’t hear mate that often

    • clodagh dunne

      +Blue 6899 and when did people ever say chap

    • Blue 6899

      +clodagh dunne i hear mate all the time “Mate, what are you at”. its regional more common probably in the east.
      same with chap, i don’t hear it as much anymore but i do still hear “whats that chap at over there” , “who’s that chap”.

    • clodagh dunne

      +Blue 6899 yeah weird I don’t here chap or mate cause i’m from the east

  16. Did she just call Leinster layster smh 🤦‍♀️

    • ṳẒḶḀḊ ṏṆ ḭṆṠṮḀḠṙḀṁ

      Don’t expect anything from Americans, especially Californians, they’re oblivious to the rest of the world. Not even the rugby team would let them know about Leinster.*

  17. Chelsea Brooks

    The amount of Irish people in the comment section. I’m so proud. 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

  18. Andrea Carey

    Omg I’m Irish and omg actual local news from over here😆

  19. glen lindsay

    Most americans i have met only know what movies tell them about Ireland and confuse us with England

    • Blue 6899

      Accurate, went to new york and they have such strong stereotypes on irish and our accents many of them refused to believe my accent was irish because it wasn’t the stereotype. everywhere i went “oh, you’re British”.
      i think many americans don’t have an accurate depiction of modern Ireland, they still think its the same as 20-30 years ago. after telling someone on time square i was Irish not british, they responded with “Oh, Irish, Up the “E-RAH”!, UP the “E-RAH”!” in the middle of time square shouting it. i just had to walk away.

  20. Catriona Griffin

    The reason the match looks so small is because league games for soccer in Ireland are nothing compared to Gaelic, league games consist of a small number of soccer players from an area which forms a team whilst Gaelic is the best athletes from each county so you have more of a chance of getting good players if you can choose from a whole county with like hundreds of thousands of people compared to a league game with small communities of only a few thousand
    Also Bruv ain’t irish*

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