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Ferguson: Too Early For Rangers Title Talk – Football Show – 3rd Dec 2018

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  1. Sean Mullin

    A swear joe Lewis moved off that goal line too away no way he save that while on his line

    • jimmy Scott

      Sean Mullin he was 4 feet of his line . Sinclair’s penalty was actually well hit..

    • Sean Mullin

      jimmy Scott to me it looked like it had to much speed on it for the keeper to save it if he was on the line so fuily tells why he saved it even watched the game back and it took multiple times to get it on the moment Sinclair hit it

  2. Sam Hamad

    replays showed he and about ten others were offside by about a clean country mile

  3. ibizageee

    skip to 13.40 on the video for the rangers talk

    • Wolf Enstein

      If you want to create a video time stamp, Gee, do it like this: 13:40 .

  4. Wolf Enstein

    Craig can “bump his gums” all he likes about match officials, but Rangers beat us fair and square. Start picking the right team, Craig, we might actually pick up some points before the end of the year if you do.

  5. John Mayberry

    Bazza condones the celtic penalty but says he’ll take the morelos offside goal all day long…prick

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