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Confirmed Transfers Summer 2018 | Kante, Hazard, Messi

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Confirmed Transfers Summer 2018 | Kante, Hazard, Messi

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    Messi to Inter hahahahahahahaha

  2. trollface kotidis

    Messi is not going to inter

    • Flick football

      Probably the whole world knows it ! I mean just seeing the club level and messi level you can easily see the difference b/w them ! Inter just destroyed their fame by targeting messi that they can’t afford any how ! I m still laughing and will laugh on that rumour in my whole life

    • Flick football

      Football HD hahaha idiot

    • Kakashi😅

      well lets see ,what club he decides

    • Pokemon Guy

      stefanos2890 kotidis its just rumours man i dont think he is going to go but there is a chance he wants to go rival ronaldo again . It can go either way

  3. Anand P Raj

    Messi will not leave Barcelona

  4. SWG Much

    Juventus is the new real madrid

    • Dynamite Gaming_YT

      It’s their retirement home

    • Gabriele Grassi

      Tommaso Matteucci viva l italia spacchiamo i culi minchiaaa

    • Antonio

      The legend says that 95% of Real Madrid’s fanbase are now Juventus fans

    • Abdifatah Aly

      JkR davidemuch05 hu tld you

    • Lehlohonolo Mokotedi

      No man, Juventus is going back to the old Juventus…their not copying any other team unless your new to football. Real Madrid is just filling apart bcos their team previous teams were built around a solid team in all departments including the bench, their suffering having built their team around one player. Barca isn’t suffering as much bcos their main engine were their midfield, which was Xavi and iniesta, if they can find proper replacements for those positions, with or without Messi they’ll still destroy.

  5. Le royaliste De clash

    Messi no inter

  6. sali gamer2

    Messi nunca jamas al inter

  7. Anshumaan Bag

    Who cares about Benzema at this point. Lol.

    • Anshumaan Bag

      A guy, His conversion rate is below average now. So He’s no more that classy Benzema we witnessed in 2015/16 season.

    • abdi qani

      Who cares about ur comment den

    • Proman 55


    • Anshumaan Bag

      Apparently, 52 people do care about this comment.

    • Lehlohonolo Mokotedi

      I agree benzema is a turd…real Madrid have no other options that’s why their fans care about him

  8. Anshumaan Bag

    Pogba and Marcelo to juventus would be awesome.

    • Desvildus Jirka

      +Ronaldo best team (new Real Madrid)

    • Maxfilms Second

      Pogba was in the Juventus 3 years ago so I think he doesn’t return in the Juventus now

    • Wan Areef

      It would make Alex Sandro redundant tho plus id like to see a new LB to play with Ronaldo

    • haitham odeibat

      You should said marcelo and ronaldo are staying together

  9. goodshow man

    Daley Blind is just Going back into past

  10. TCG- TheCrazyGamer

    Messi 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂



    • hasnain khan

      if you think clasico is ruined just because of a player you are wrong bro
      clasico was considered the best match even before messi and ronaldo


      I KNOW

    • Khaled Nasser

      ETHANS MANIA juventus didn’t want him… Real Madrid kicked him

  12. marti cots

    Messi not Go to inter home of Messi is barcelona

  13. Harkano

    Kante <3 like si t'es français

  14. Samy_Samy

    Messi to Inter HAHAHHAHAHAHAH (I’m Italian)

  15. GO Gamer

    Goods News Hazard is not leaving chelsea he staying in Chelsea

  16. KingGamerJr

    Marcelo couldn’t leave Ronaldo who agrees?

  17. Rage Ravi

    Calcio A va être la ligue la plus regarder

  18. Simon Soltys

    If All romuros will confirm Rip Chelsea

    • Ntobeko Miniyonke

      Common sense bra. Which sane management would cripple a club like that? These rumours are bullshit, probably from an Arsenal fan.

    • mohamed jaish

      yeah i dont want that to happen to chelsea i support to chelsea and i love chelsea

    • Pipi Brasci

      Simon Soltys lol

    • chelseacharger

      Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.   No seriously,   Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha,   Hang on a minute.  Need a breather………………….Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.     Well, it sure looks like Hazard, Kante and Willian are all still there while Chelsea break the world record to replace Courtois.   So not quite dead yet.

  19. icefire 76

    Messi à inter 😂😂😂 oui bien sûr !

  20. Official Faidor

    Marcelo & Ronaldo
    JUVENTUS for fire we gonna win every games!!!!

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