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90 in 90: Italy vs. United States | International Friendly Highlights

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Watch 90 minutes of Italy vs. USMNT in 90 seconds.

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90 in 90: Italy vs. United States | International Friendly Highlights

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  1. TheUndertaleAddict 15

    USA, still played a very solid game.

    • El Pancho

      Were we watching the same game? Because Italy dominated the US the entire game. Thank Horvath they didn’t beat the USA 4-0

    • Edward Kelly

      What game you watched?USA was getting torn apart the entire night.

    • dhamsleepy

      1 shot all match, 25% possession. That’s not good at all.

    • Tomás the Third

      that’s true, if you only watched the highlights lol

  2. FOX Soccer

    Were you surprised by the outcome of this match?

    • Deco Lard

      FOX Soccer I was expect them to get a good results yes but the back line couldn’t hold up for 90 Add min

    • Deco Lard

      way of the intercepting fist no I wouldn’t say that it’s not easy playing on the road plus team don’t pull off wins in Italy like that US actually won in Italy under klimnman so I guess it didn’t wanna have that happen a second time that would a been even more embarrassing the result it could have been a draw but the backline could hold up, they need good to only give up one goal, and again it’s not easy playing Italy national team at there home..

    • no.

    • Steve Chang

      Going to ask a question besides the point but is fair. Why do you guys erase some games on youtube? Bad reputation for some countries?

  3. Original Gamer

    US4 vs england. Where are the highlights at?

  4. Tora Chan

    We lost to a bunch of pizza eaters

  5. Little Birdie

    Great game for Horvath

  6. Mehedi Nafis

    Horvath was great👍

  7. ghostpilot2219

    They both played pretty horrid, honestly.

    • Jacob Rich

      ghostpilot2219 if we’re being real Italy played horrid, USA played as expected or even a little better honestly against the like

  8. Thanh Cuti

    Where are Alex Morgan and Carli Lloyd ? wait… nvm.

    • Who are Alex Morgan and Carli Lloyd? Are there actually wymyn soccer players out there? lol

    • David Reyes

      Thanh Cuti oh you mean those players with their “World Cup Champions” team that can’t beat an MLS youth team

    • Lakeisha Cozart

      Clash of ClansTips,BaseBuilds andAttackStrategies you really think grown women are gonna take a game serious against some kids.

  9. JPBroject Smh

    Can you please stop using music in the highlights ?

  10. Ernest Onwona

    That goalkeeper was boss for the U.S. He deserves man of the match no doubt.

    • Zane Meyer

      He got so triggered at the missed offside and the Italian goal.

    • Roy Lev-Ari

      they made it easy for him…lets be honest.

    • Roy Lev-Ari nothings easy for a goalkeeper playing against top teams. Ive seen other keepers give up those kinds of shots, he had great positioning

    • Roy Lev-Ari

      +Galahad sorry mate, but if italy had world class strikers like some other teams that game would of ended 6 0….

  11. Daryl Lood II

    I craved pizza after watching this lols

  12. james 3000k

    Pullisic is OVERRATED.

    • Nemesis blue United


    • canvas11xD

      Stahp. No one is saying he is the best. Everyone thrashing on this dude because he ain’t putting up wins for the us. Alexi especially has been calling him out all the time. It’s hard to play with a bunch of rich kids from mls. Who have no hunger or desire to better themselves and don’t try.

    • Zachariah Rizk

      Nobody said Pulisic was the next Messi, haters just compare him to crush down on him because they know he can turn into a good player. He’s only 20 and had years ahead of him. He could be a star or he could be a flunk we can’t tell now.

    • Aldo Raine

      He’s not overrated, the rest of the squad just can’t play at his level.

  13. manny man24

    can guzan never go in net for the USA ever again…..this Horvath kid much much better

  14. WallofBrooks _


  15. Jeodams Jean

    You no what this new goalkeeper is not so bad

    • He’s not new. He started vs Portugal and made a mistake to give them a goal, hasn’t played since but he did very well today

  16. Built ftj

    *Dang is every keeper better than guzan?*

  17. Dortmundfan0409 LawsonC

    Motm goes to Horvath he was amazing him and Steffen should be the main keepers for the USA

  18. WD Channel

    US defence to weak!

    • Mr Garvey Crazy Sub Teacher

      WD Channel Better than your grammar and your ability to pick a profile picture that isn’t garbage.

  19. My Little Soccer is a joke. No MLS player over the age of 20 should be given easy caps, they just embarrass us like they did against a proper team like Italy.

    • Danny Herrera

      Jibbers how else are they supposed to get better?
      You sound just like Mexican fans criticizing against the Argentina game for fielding players from MX league against Argentina who had all players from European leagues.
      Mexico and USA need to field domestic players to solidify an A squad and have a strong B squad for important tournaments or matches.
      1-0 isn’t a bad outcome considering you played a euro team with domestic players.

    • michael4o8

      Appropriate development not force feeding right away and expecting big results with a bunch of fuken kids.

  20. Trevor Wilson

    Italy’s strikers name was lasagna ? 😂 Thats like if the US team’s striker was named Josh Shotgun

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