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15 Magical Goals Scored In World Cup Football

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15 Magical Goals Scored In World Cup Football

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  1. Shoaib Official


  2. ShishiR

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    • Pritam Dash

      Bro i m started a chanel on football
      But how i got the footage or highlights
      Plzz tell me
      #love your video

    • Arkanister

      Wtf is that video. You truly put the goal of Fabio Grosso after Maradona”s one. xD I laughed hard, then i came to write, now i’m out. (thumb down.)

  3. Random Entertainment

    Your sequence is wrong i would put maridona goal on 1st

  4. Berkan Celik

    Maradona Solo 11? In my opinion it should have been number 1

  5. Lio Messi

    messi’s goal wasn’t in the world cup !! what is this sorcery

  6. MrMousse

    great video bro <3 !!!

  7. Luis Bryan


  8. Constantin Kamgo

    so no Africa team scored a fine goal?

  9. Chris Topher

    Ronaldinho’s goal was accidental, it was a cross. The “hand of god” goal is NOT a magical goal at all – it was cheating. Also I’m not sure a penalty can be classed as a magical goal by any standards and 1 of the clips doesn’t even show the goal! Uruguay scored a stunning 30-35 yard volley and also that amazing team goal by Argentina to name just 2 that are better than at least 10 of these. Sorry no like from me.

  10. James Smith

    Great vid next time could you add names 🙂🙃

  11. 4:04 That wasn’t scored in World Cup.

  12. Rohit Jahajeeah

    Maradona goal should be No 1

  13. Shaun Pierce

    For no 3 you don’t even show the ball hitting the net, and goals 9 & 10 shouldn’t even be in this clip, I’ve seen much better goals than those at previous tournaments

  14. WeTalk about football

    Where is manuel negrete volley goal in 1986. And maradona solo goal should be number 1.

  15. Shaahid Noor

    How can you put Maradona’s goal to number 11. It should be definitely number 1. I think you have a very bad choice of favorite goals. I believe scoring from drilling is more difficult than some random long distance kick. Please change the order. Because even some stupid player can score from the long distance but not all the player can score such a dribbling solo goal like Diego Maradona did. I am sorry to say but your choice sucks

  16. Gita Prissandi

    zizou scored panenka on a world cup final.. crazy..

  17. Tengku Ash

    This video very awful n the song also

  18. Sailendra Thapa

    Surprised not to see Michael Owen’s goal against Argentina!!! It was more awesome than most of the goals you’ve listed here!

  19. sindhu bhargava

    Ibramovich goal should be at first…van persie..nice goal

  20. enrique hinojosa muañoz

    una mano irresponsable es como un gol magico, que pendejo

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